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The team behind

In the process of developing the patented Automatic Release Sling, quality and functionality have been the main focus. The production, certification and sales is a collaboration between companies with extensive experience and knowledge of the aeronautical safety and rescue industry.

product development

Aerodyne design, manufacture, and distribute of some of the most technically advanced and highest-quality sport parachute systems in the world.

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Production & Certification

Lite Flite manufacture, repair and maintain helicopter rescue equipment for skilled SAR-units in more than 40 countries around the world.

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Aviation and Survival Support have 30 years of experience in the life support industry, with sales, distribution and service of aviation related equipment.

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Why we made the Automatic Release Sling

Built on first-hand experience from the ground view of Alpine rescue

The inventor of the Automatic Release Sling, Jan-Gunnar Hole, has been an active member of Norwegian Alpine Rescue Groups for more than 20 years. He has been a member of the national litigation group responsible for preparation of all procedures that are currently in use in Norwegian alpine rescue operations.

Previously, rescuers and alpine rescue groups utilized a method named “arm in sling” to ensure their safety. The method assumes that the rescuers attach a sling to the mountain and put an arm through it to “hold on”. The idea behind this method is that if the helicopter experiences a sudden vertical lift due to turbulence before the arm was released from secured sling, the sling should slip out of the arm automatically. As a member of the litigation group with responsibility for risk analysis for all operations, risks involving this specific method are considered extremely high for the climber and rescuer. The background for this conclusion is that if the climber or rescuer fainted due to static electricity, exposure to falling debris, the consequences for the climber would be fatal. In addition the high likelihood of injury with the “arm in sling” method was deemed too high and the project of seeking and designing a safer method commenced.

Jan-Gunnar Hole
Alpine rescuer and Inventor of the Automatic Release Sling