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01 | what it is

Providing a Safe connection

Automatic Release Sling is the worlds first automatic device that eliminates the high risk element during winching operations. The system allows for a secure connection between the rescuer and the mountain face or other potentially hazardous rescue locations at all times.





The rescuer has secured himself to the mountainside, but is still attached to the helicopter. This is a critical phase in a helicopter insertion operation.


In an emergency the helicopter may move away from the mountain side. The rescuer is still connected to both the helicopter and the mountainside.


The Automatic Release Sling will automatically disconnect the rescuer from the mountain side at a fraction of a second.

02 | how it workes

Technical principle

By using the Automatic Release Sling the helicopter is at no time firmly anchored, although the rescuer can be attached to both helicopter and the ground. The rescuer will either follow the helicopter out or be left behind on the ground. There is no 'intermediate' scenario where it is uncertain what happens.

01 The climber has secured himself to the mountainside, but is still attached to the helicopter. This is a critical phase in a helicopter insertion operation.

02 An emergency arises. The helicopter moves away from the mountainside. The climber is connected to both the helicopter and the mountainside.

03 The helicopter pulls up tension in the rope anchoring the climber to the mountainside. At a force of 40kg the release rings breaks, in turn releasing the 3-ring release system.

04 At a fraction of a second, both the climber and helicopter is safely and gently released from the mountainside without any interaction from the climber.

Additional Benefits

Light Weight

Automatic Release Sling weighs only 292 grams. The extreme lightness means a unit should always be part of a rescue kit. In 99% of suspended operations, rescuers are dropped off at a place that is safe, meaning there is no need to be secured to both mountain and helicopter simultaneously. However, in “that one operation” in which the rescuer is in great risk of falling and needs to secure themselves to both helicopter and mountain face, the Automatic Release Sling is a critical tool ensuring both safety of the rescuer and helicopter.


Whether the Automatic Release Sling will draw up straight, obliquely outwards, directly outward or even downward, the release mechanism will perform 100% of the time.


Automatic Release Sling uses the 3-ring release system that is being used millions of times each year in parachute technology. The unique design of the 3-ring system operation (release time) means that it is so fast that it cannot be shot with a regular camera, even shooting with 60 fps. This means that when the weak link is being loosened by a predefined force then no additional force is needed.


The Automatic Release Sling mechanism is extremely simple to operate. All parts are visible and easily accessible. Operational environments do not affect it as it will always operate perfectly, regardless of harsh conditions like Ice, snow, sleet, sand etc. Automatic Release Sling is essential in the two parts of the rescue operation; Pickup and Deployment.


Automatic Release Sling can be used in exposed locations, where the rescuer needs to be secured to reduce the risk of falls, for example a ledge or an installation such as a power line, windmill or the like.

03 | technical


Breakingstrenght, primart side (helicopter):
22 kN (Certified according to EN354)
Breakingstrenght, secondary side (mountain):
15 kN (Certified according to EN3548
Dimention, packed:
400 x 55 x 30 mm
292 gram
Material, carrying strap:
Polyester webbing, type 1807T, 43 mm, 23 kN (doble)
Black webbing, black cover. Orange mesh (prevents twisting and show that product is in use)
Interface, primary:
Stitched loop w/reinforcements, accepts all type of standard carabiners.
Interface, secondary:
EN362 type of approval carabiner w/twistlock
Certified to:
EN354 / EN358, EASA & FAA Pending
Lite Flite APS Denmark
Global distributor:
Aviation and Survival Support AS